Negative Thinking

It’s pulse is a faint beat

Like a faint breathing

That will surely cease

As it comes to rest

It pulsates at best

It pulsates to pieces

It severs the head

And feeds off the mind’s feces

I have suffered from the dreaded disease, commonly known as negative thinking, since I was a young girl. No one is born with the tendency to revel in negative, fear-based thoughts. Negative thinking comes from experiences of TRAUMA. It is a SELF-DEFENSE MECHANISM. Negative thought patterns occur when one has internalized trauma and continues to subconsciously live the effects of that trauma within their mind, promoting self-sabotaging and self-loathing. Although negative thinking is often wielded as a means to avoid further trauma to one’s being it is actually a form of self-trauma, a trauma I’m sure everyone would like to stop inflicting on themselves. This gaudy defence mechanism has ripple effects and inadvertently affects one’s emotional, spiritual and physical health and well-being. Have you had unexplainable chronic bodily pains? Do you feel emotionally unfulfilled and in the shits? Well these my friends are the symptoms of negative thinking spreading it’s roots to encompass your life. Yet, negative thinking is easily eradicated when we take the time to NURTURE ourselves. Overcoming this negative habit requires a certain level of self-parenting. So, take the time to check in with yourself and ask, what am I feeling/thinking and why? Furthermore try to heal and forgive the trauma(s) that prompted your negative thinking to begin with and step out of the habit of viewing yourself as a victim. You are capable.

Food for thought:

  • When did you start to suffer from negative thinking?
  • What trauma(s) did you experience that caused this grimaced habit?
  • Do you love yourself enough to attempt to give up this self-sabotaging?

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