I want to sit in the abyss

Eyes closed dead still

I want to sink in the abyss

Without a word or faintest breath

No mode of life or warm caress

I want to sink my rotting flesh

Eyes closed, dead still

I want to sink until I swim

I think most people go through periods in their life, where they outgrow what is around them and step into a new character. I’ve molted many times during my life but now, in my early twenties, I feel like the molting I’m currently undergoing is not the process of turning into someone new and different but reverting back to who I really am. I am stepping into the skin that I lost somewhere along the way, the skin that has always been mine that I weirdly forgot about. I think this is something most people feel at some point in their lives. Stepping into a skin that is truly yours and one you were always suppose to be in. I must say, it feels very… free.

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