Sometimes You Are The Roadblock

When I’ve blundered in my speech
Then I’ve blundered in my mind
As I’ve blundered in emotion
Product of a blundered pride
If I’ve blundered in a self-importance
Mighty, mousey high
Then I’ve erred in my spirit
Mistaking the mountain for the sky

Life tends to suck when people get stuck on focusing solely on life’s difficulties and seeing life as the enemy. Viewing life as one big struggle that needs to be conquered and championed is the wrong attitude to bring along with you on the yellow brick road to happiness. Let go of your resistance and stop focusing on what you want but don’t have. Bake yourself up a batch of humble pie and realize that maybe you don’t need all the things you want or, on the contrary, maybe you are not ready for all the things you want and life is trying to help you out. Gratitude, anyone? Of course, life does get genuinely difficult at times and moments of hardiness of spirit are called for but defensiveness and cynicism should not become a way of being. Not only does it sap the joy out of your life, it also just feels plain icky. It’s like cruising through life on a sticky sea of muddy road; one where your spirit stagnates. Life always wants to help you! When you remember that life loves you and you keep in mind to love life, with it’s good and bad moments, the world it encompasses becomes an open field of possibilities rather than a challenging lifelong ascent through rocky terrain.


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